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World-leading Solar Module Manufacturer

Hands with Talesun, to Share Value with the Sun

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About Talesun Solar

Talesun Solar, a wholly owned subsidiary of Zhongli Group, was founded in 2010. Through more than 10 years of innovation and development, it has become one of the global Top 10 photovoltaic manufacturers, Tier 1 module supplier in Bloomberg Ranking, one of China’s largest photovoltaic power station developers, and a first-class leading enterprise among China’s photovoltaic manufacturers. Our downstream business includes solar photovoltaic project development, design, EPC construction, operation & maintenance and one-stop system integration solutions for customers. In 2015, the Company innovated and launched “Intelligent Photovoltaic+ Sci-tech Agriculture and PV Farms in Poor Villages”, thus becoming a leader in global solar power industry. Through constantly improving our conversion efficiencies and the quality of PV cells and modules, and optimizing project solution design, Talesun continues to push the decrease of solar energy cost, and makes contributions to the development of global clean and environment-friendly energy.



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Providing highly reliable and more cost-effective modules

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Project Development and EPC

One-stop System Integration Solutions and Power Station Comprehensive Service

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Energy Storage System

Providing Solar-storage Complementary Intelligent Power System Solutions

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Global Projects

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Latest News



Talesun Solar to Supply 130 MW to Cengiz Energy in Turkey

Turkey?market boomed since 2017?and keep stable in recent year. Talesun signed contract with subsidiary of one of the la…



Talesun Solar to Supply 108 MW to Alledo Parts in Poland

Lead Text: Poland market boomed since 2018 and the sharp growth continues. Talesun signed contract with one of the large…



Talesun Hands with LYS Energy Group for ASEAN Market

China leading solar cell and module manufacturer, Talesun Solar, announce recently that the company signed an agreement …

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